• Develop

    Development trends of integration, sustainability and efficiency benefits associated with business community

  • Leader

    Become leading enterprises, reputable importer and distributor of steel products, steel, industrial equipment in Vietnam


  • Maximize business efficiency

    Maximize business efficiency and improve the professionalism, gives the customer satisfaction through the different product brands

  • Continuous innovation

    Continuous innovation, striving to provide high quality products at competitive prices

  • Socially responsible

    Implement satisfactory treatment regime materially and spiritually in order to encourage officials and employees create new value for customers, society


  • 1. The customer is the focus

    The customer is always the focus of policymakers and business strategy

  • 2. Social Responsibility

    With the role of an enterprise in Vietnam, Thien A not only focused business objectives but also actively assert its direction in improving the living standards and social development for officials, employees and community

  • 3. Innovation and Quality

    Thien A always sets standards to meet or exceed the requirements of the market and consumer partners

  • 4. Responsibility for each officer and employee

    Creating a healthy environment, safe and adequate to the Á members of God can best promote personal potential

  • 5. Flexible and efficient

    Business leaders explore, research and develop a business plan early, active in the link, find partners and foreign cooperation. Thereby, production systems and management of Thien A always have the utmost flexibility to meet the complete and accurate, the fastest to customer needs in the business environment open



  • Thien A building,

    9/850 Lang str - Dong Da dist
    Ha Noi, Vietnam

  • t  +84-24 3 77 55 344
  • f  +84-24 3 77 55 343

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